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  • Appliances are the building blocks of modern convenience. The growing urban market today has become increasingly susceptible to the need of labor-less and time-saving appliances that offer extra peace of mind. As the pace of life accelerates, top-quality appliances are becoming ever more indispensable for modern society.

    MODENA provides smart home solutions of high quality home appliances. Targeting the upper and upper-middle classes in search of a modern lifestyle, MODENA presents products within its three product lines - Cooking, Cleaning and Cooling. State-of-the-art technologies with a strong sense of elegant Italian design are beautifully portrayed in the wide array of the appliances. Over 35 years in the industry, MODENA appliances are widely recognized for its modern aesthetics, user-friendliness, energy-efficiency, and safety features. All the products offer intelligent solutions for a smart living and thus delivering a better quality of life for the customers.